CCCA | Participating clinics & institutes

Clinics and institutes in the interdisciplinary cooperation in cancer

• Clinic for General, Visceral and Transplant Surgery (Prof. Dr. M. Anthuber)
• Clinic for Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care Medicine (Prof. Dr. A. R. Heller)
• Pharmacy University Medical Center Augsburg (Prof. Dr. W. Kämmerer)
• Clinic for Ophthalmology (Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. A. Müller)
• Clinic for Dermatology and Allergology (Prof. Dr. J. Welzel)
• Institute of Digital Medicine (Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. R. Huss)
• Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics (Prof. Dr. C. Dannecker)
• Clinic for Vascular Surgery (Prof. Dr. A. Hyhlik-Dürr)
• Clinic for Otorhinolaryngology (Prof. Dr. J. Zenk)
• Clinic for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery (Prof. Dr. E. Girdauskas)
• Clinic for Pediatric Surgery (Dr. T. Schuster)
• Clinic for Children and Adolescents (Prof. Dr. Dr. M. Frühwald)
• Institute of Laboratory Medicine and Microbiology (Prof. Dr. R. Hoffmann)
• Interdisciplinary Center for Palliative Medicine (Dr. I. Hainsch-Müller / Dr. C. Aulmann)
• I. Medical Clinic (Prof. Dr. W. von Scheidt)
• II. Medical Clinic (Prof. Dr. M. Trepel)
• III Medical Clinic (Prof. Dr. H. Messmann)
• IV. Medical Clinic and Emergency Department (PD Dr. M. Wehler)
• Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Dr. Dr. T. Schlittenbauer)
• Neurosurgical Clinic (PD Dr. E. Shiban,komm.)
• Neurological Clinic and Clinical Neurophysiology (Prof. Dr. M. Naumann)
• Clinic for Nuclear Medicine (Prof. Dr. C. Lapa)
• Institute of Pathology (Prof. Dr. B. Märkl)
• Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology (Prof. Dr. T. Kröncke / Prof. Dr. A. Berlis)
• Clinic for Radiotherapy (PD Dr. G. Stüben)
• Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Hemostaseology (Dr. S. Grützner)
• Clinic for Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery (Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. E. Mayr)
• Outpatient Clinic for Environmental Medicine (Prof. Dr. C. Traidl-Hoffmann)
• Urology Clinic (Prof. Dr. D. Weckermann)

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